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Robert Ghost Wolf and the Mountain Brotherhood have completed the first

stage of Project Stargate. They are now prepared to begin releasing the

information they have compiled. Project Stargate contains information,

which has never been released before to the public, and represents

painstaking efforts that took years of personal sacrifice to their personal lives

for the sake of truth and Spiritual enlightenment. We release this information

in the name of love that mankind might grow and become. For be it known

that the truth shall set you free.

Birth September 15, 5 'BC'

Ascension March 28, 28 'AD'

View: North from Bethlehem

The position of Polaris, the North Star, is 32 degrees off, indicating a polar shift.This shift will occur again within 10 years

Birth September 15, 5 'BC'

Ascension March 28, 28 'AD'

View: East from Bethlehem

We look towards the east from the Horizon Point at each location, Bethlehem and Jerusalem (Jerusalem will be shown later) at a 51.2 degree angle (the same angle as the Great Pyramid.) The results, shown above, are as follows:

1. Birth: Venus and Regulus align perfectly … so if one were viewing them from the ground, they would see two stars as one very large star!

2. Ascension: You will note that all the stars align the same as on the date of the birth. This does not occur again anywhere in time checking back and forward 5,000 years! The only difference (shown in yellow) is that the Dawn Star (Venus) has ascended!

One of the focuses of Project Stargate is the ongoing investigation into Native American legends of the star maps, and Earth maps and their connections to the one known as the Pale Prophet, Wa coma Tete the Lord of the Wind. The investigation also focuses on the feasibility of possible connections to other indigenous peoples across the globe. What they have discovered is astonishing and will without a doubt cause all of us to take another look at the stories of our creation and our future as a species. For we are without doubt Starseeds.

Project Stargate reveals to us that there are in fact direct connections between the pyramids at Giza in Egypt, and Sacred Sites here in both North and South America. The ancients have left us deliberate maps that can guide us through these millennium times across the bridge of tomorrow.

The Black Hills in the Dakotas, Machu Picchu in Peru, Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, as well as the Mounds of the Puan near St. Louis, MO are all connected through Sacred Geometry which was used in the planning of the elders in their construction and locations, so that ancient knowledge from the original teachings could be made available to us intact and in its uncorrupted form.

There are many mysteries we have heard about the Year 2000. Is the year 2000 a myth or is it based upon an actual cycle of time? The decoding of the ancient star maps clear up an issue that has baffled scholars for a long time. In deciphering ancient prophecies it is essential that we be able to determine dates and locations of probable events. Currently we follow a calendar that iscomprised of 365 days and 12 months, and is based upon the birth of Jesus

Even Orthodox Christian scholars will tell you that the birth of Jesus, both from historical and astronomical observations indicate that he was actually born either 5 or 7 years BC. The usual explanation for the discrepancy is that a major miscalculation somehow crept into the record keeping during the early Christian Era. Since our present day calendar is based upon the birth of Christ, and our calendar is admittedly not accurate then the actual year 2000 is only a numerical change and nothing more.

Indigenous People are Indigenous People. Jesus was born to the indigenous people of his land. Interestingly most indigenous cultures have star maps. Even in the Bible that remains after its many alterations we find that it is written with constant references to the stars, and the constellations. The star maps essentially were created by our ancestors knowing that in order to determine accurately the time and place of specific events we would have to rely upon constant factors for our source.

The Geography of Earth at least until now in our recent history has been a constant in that the Continents, and the Mountains have been where they are for the period of time that spans our recorded history of this civilization since at least the Early Egyptian Dynasties. And we now know that the Kogi peoples in Columbia that make up the oldest surviving intact civilization in the Western Hemisphere. The Kogi civilization, which is considerably older than the Egyptians and survives to this day also, has star maps. These star maps indicate times dates and destinations of future events that are affecting us today.

We know that the certain stars seem to be moving all the time and not necessarily in the patterns that we have been told, however the stars that make up the constellations are stable in the skies of our universe. Having living memories from the destructions of both Atlantis the Father land and Lemuria the Mother land they were very sensitive to Earth changes and the shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles.

Through our research we have discovered the keys to decoding the hidden messages that have been encoded in the Bible. We are now able to correct our previously limited perceptions of the concepts of time and space. We have included some very interesting visuals on our Web Site that stir the imagination and in our estimation justify a new look at our evolution and perceptions of history.

The Information that was given to the Lakota People wherefrom they recorded their drawing on Buffalo hide of the star maps is one of the focuses of our presentation. Wa Coma Tete, the Lord of the Wind, gave this information to the Lakota People. Like the calendar stone of the Toltecs, from which the Mayan Calendar was derived, the Star Map of the Lakota People reveals the truths in both past and future events.


The Venus Calendar

The Venus Calendar has been and is used to this day by indigenous people in both North and South America. It was used by the Prophet and was the understanding by which all calendars were calculated before the conquest.

Here in North America this knowledge is still understood and in the sacred keeping of the Meda Medicine Society (Mediwewan,) of the Algonquin People who comprise many of the woodland tribes of North America.

Venus is spoken of as the Star of the Prophet his place of origin. Sometimes as the twin star for it is sometimes the evening star and then at other times in its evolution it is the Morning star, as it is presently at the time of this writing. In indigenous writings it is always associated with the number 13, while the number that corresponds to Earth is 8. In Mayan interpretations there are four inter-weaving calendars

1. The Sun year consisting of 365 an 1/4 years which is the same as our present calendar.

2. The Moon Calendar which follows the cycles of the Grandmother Moon and the Goddess Makaakan.

3. Tropical year following the swinging of the Sun between Cancer and Capricorn and

4. The Venus calendar which was extensively used by the Prophet for his computations.

The Venus calendar proves to be an excellent and accurate tool for time computation. Venus circles the Sun on an inside orbit and makes thirteen revolutions to eight of the Earth. Therefore in cycles of eight thirteen's 104 years they are back in the originating position of their cycles. Now most Native Americans used the Half-cycle of 52 years. They also had a great Cycle over three thousand years.

Kate-Zahl (the Prophet) spoke to the People at the temple in Co Lula. He spoke to them of the cycles of the Dawn Star, sometime referred to as the Prophets Star, or Tlau-Iacal-Pan-Tecutli. Here he told them of the coming of the white men from across the waters….

"For five full cycles of the Dawn Star, the rule of the war-like strangers will grow unto greater and greater orgies of destruction. Hark well to all that I have taught you, return not to the Serpent and the sacrificers. Their path will lead to the last destruction. Know that the end will come in five full cycles for five is the difference between the Earth's number 8 (frequency) and that of the Dawn Star 13, which is the number of these children of destruction."


The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem

Taking the Star Charts and using the very star globe program that is used by NASA. We calculated the Birth of Jesus in accordance with the star knowledge of the Mediwewan, where it is said that you enter this plane upon your star and you leave when the heavens are in the same pattern, meaning that you leave upon your star.

We are told that the three wisemen came from the East and followed a huge star that appeared over Bethlehem. So given that perhaps it wasn't a spaceship, perhaps it was an actual star. What could have been so large as to stand out in that manner, at the birthing of Jesus? The coordinates are also given to us in Mathew where Herod speaks to his council upon hearing of the birth of a king, and he asks what the positions of the stars were.

From the Book of Mathew

2: 1 In the days of Herod the king, behold there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,

2:2 saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews?

2:4 And he gathered all of the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be Born.

2:5 And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judaea:

2:7 then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared. 2.9 When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east


Star Globe Maps affirmation of the star of Bethlehem and the ascension in Jerusalem.

Looking at Star Globe Map 1 towards the East, in the city of Bethlehem at 51.2 degrees off the horizon, in the year 5 BC behold. We witness a double star as Regulus aligns with Venus descending in the heavens. Thus it would have appeared as a singular and very large and conspicuous illuminated star in the heavens -- The Star of Bethlehem.

The wise men would have been educated in this star knowledge for they were of the Melchezidec school.

"Where it is said that you enter this plane upon your star…. " Entering upon the descent at the Birth of Jesus on September 15, 5 BC at 3:00 AM.

This star pattern is not seen again, nor has it been seen since that time until March 28, 28AD at 2:15 PM over Jerusalem. This is when Jesus ascended for as we look at the Star map we see that the patterns of the stars are identical, to the one seen over Bethlehem with one singular exception Venus has ascended.

"…and you leave when the heavens are in the same pattern, meaning that you leave upon your star."

What can be deduced and validated through the finding of this investigation is that our calendars are five years off. 1998 is actually the Year 2003. Now, go back re-read your prophecies.

This information will be available in detail, in an upcoming book entitled "Project Stargate" by Robert Ghost Wolf and the Mountain Brotherhood to be published this spring by Mistyc House Publishing, P.O. Box 10196, Spokane, WA 99209